What to expect from school for your kid’s speech therapy?



When you have a child who has a problem with speech and language, you might be anxious about him adjusting in school. There might be several questions in your mind as to how the child is going to adjust in school, is he going to be bullied by his peer group? Will he get the correct guidance and therapy needed to overcome his problems? These are some questions that every parent has in her mind before their child starts school and when the child is facing a problem in terms of speech and language.

Here some of the expectations that you need to set from school for educational therapy for children.

Help your child to voice his opinions and questions without any fear or inhibition?

A school is a place where the child should be able to speak and voice his questions and opinions without any fear or inhibitions. Teachers need to make sure that children are able to ask questions and give their opinions fearlessly in the class. This should be applicable for children who are facing a problem with language and speech and need extra attention in this area.

Teachers should be able to pay extra attention to the child’s communications skills and interaction in the classroom

If you expect that the teacher is going to pay attention to how your child interacts in the child and share progress reports with you over time about the child’s language and speech development, it is a correct expectation to have. Teacher should be able to keenly observe children with special needs and be able to give them an extra push and a little extra attention in order to help the child develop and build confidence to talk without any inhibitions and problems.

Break down information especially for your child.

Children who are affected with speech and language problems are unable to assimilate and break down information which is complex. Hence teachers need to be able to break the information down and make I simpler for them to understand. Teachers should make repeated attempts to make the child understand what she wants the child to focus on. All this has to be done with patience and kindness keeping in view the condition of the child. This is an expectation which will make your child’s stay at school worthwhile and will help him to slowly come to the standards of other children who do not face any problems pertaining to language and speech.

It is absolutely necessary that the teachers are empathetic, kind and gentle towards your child and his needs

A child who has a problem with language and speech needs to be dealt with a lot patience as it is very difficult for him to understand complex sentences and instructions. A teacher’s attitude towards the child will make or break the child’s future and his possibilities of overcoming this problem over a period of time. If you see that your child’s needs and wants are not met with empathy you need to take appropriate action towards it.

A teacher needs to share with you details of your child’s progress or misses

Since the child spends a lot of time in the school learning and interacting with other children, it is the teacher who needs to come up with progress reports in order to inform you about your child’s development or misses. This is how you will come to know about your child’s interaction with other kids and teachers which is not his comfort zone.

Thus these are some of the expectations that you can have from school.