Advantages and Disadvantages of Going to an International Pre-school

All children are born creative. You as parents have to nourish and nurture this creativity by encouraging your children to do something innovative and productive every day. Early childhood education is uncanny in its importance. The social, emotional, and physical development of a toddler has a huge effect on the adult they will turn into one day. So it is of utmost importance that you choose a good pre-school to teach them good moral as well as the values of life. Taking part in a pre-school education for 400 or more days during the ages of 2 -3 has proven to radically improve a childs IQ as they grow older.

Making an investment in your childs early education is like investing in their future well-being. International pre-schools for are designed to provide a mode of education that is more global and all-encompassing. It focuses on enhancing and improving not only the childs intellectual capabilities but also the whole individual. There are many benefits to putting a top international preschool in Singapore for your child .

The curriculum in any international pre-school (IPC) was created to promote cultural harmony by exposing students to progressive and global education. The IPC is designed to promote self-awareness, critical thinking and plurality by exposing the students to other cultures. The International Pre-school System uses inquiry, play, and objective-based learning. It involves:

Motor Skills


Language Arts

Creative Arts

Socio-emotional Skills


The IPC also promotes active parent involvement in their childs development.

The Advantages of Choosing an International Pre-school

1. Parental Involvement

Parent Newsletters

These newsletters are designed to involve the parents in their childs educational process. They provide details on what their children are being taught in the classroom and also includes a variety of fun activities that your kids can do at home to continue their learning.

Practical Guides

Practical guides are given out to help you better understand your childs education process. It enables learning to control throughout the day even while away from pre-school. The parents are also provided with daily communication from their childs educators on his/her development.

2. Comprehensive Learning

The IPC uses several teaching methods by providing the students with learning aids such as worksheets, flashcards, and workbooks. All international pre-schools have a great variety of emergency literacy thats designed to improve your childs reading and learning ability.

3. Teacher Support and Training

The staff of all international pre-schools with the IPC curriculum have to first undergo the IPC Teacher Training Course (Designed by teaching fellow from Harvard University), in order to acquire the IPC Teacher Certificate. The educators also have access to various professional development courses as well as consultancy guides. These allow them to better enrich the minds of the young ones and enhance their education.

The Disadvantages of Choosing an International Pre-school

1. Issues with Attention

Although young children benefit from contact and interaction with their peers, the emphasis on group activities may prevent the kids from getting the individual attention that they crave and need.

2. Inconvenient Regulations

Rules are great and they help keep the peace. But sometimes, these same rules can be inconvenient for you as a parent.

3. Additional Fees

If youre late for a pickup, you might have to pay additional fees to compensate for your tardiness. If your child is sick, you might have to take a sick day yourself in order to stay home and take care of him/her.

4. Inflexibility

A set curriculum may not leave room for your child to learn and explore at her own pace. Look for a school that has a flexible schedule for the children.

Now that you are informed on all the pros and cons of international pre-school, make a wise decision when it comes to your childs education. Youre building your childs foundation for the future. Make sure its a strong one.