What To Expect From Today’s Children Education?

Learning is active especially at a young age. It is where they discover and learn about a lot of things in their environment. It is where they explore new ideas and activities. It is where they experience new things. As early as possible, parents must let their child enjoy learning. That is why there are programs which help children learn like nursery schools and others. If you are looking for a suitable nursery school in Singapore for your children, take note that aside from reading and writing, we should also let our children experience sports, music, and other stuffs. With these, their knowledge gained would be would be wider and broader.

Sports is one activity that children could explore and Pam Kragen will tell us about a sports program that is for toddlers and grade school students.

Sports program aims for toddler and grade-school set

John Leal holds a degree in business and he’s done extensive studies in kinesiology. But his true passion since childhood has always been sports.

So, when the 26-year-old Vista native got laid off from his unfulfilling desk job a few years ago, he figured it was time to follow his heart. Today, Leal is the owner of Pley Sports, a year-old sports education company for the preschool and grade-school set.

Five days a week, Leal and his employees coach beginning soccer and T-ball basics for children ages 3 and older at a Montessori school in Oceanside, as well as at two Oceanside parks. So far, nearly 200 children have gone through the Pley Sports program.

Pley Sports

What: Children’s sports training programs in soccer, T-ball and physical education

Where: Lake Park, Melba Bishop Park and Montessori School of Oceanside

Cost: $75-$100 per six-week session Read more here.

Pley Sports by John Leal is just one of the sports program around. With this kind of program, children would be able to develop several skills, not only physical, but mental, emotional, and social skills as well. They would be able to improve strategy and such.

Throughout the years, education has also faced some problems and issues regarding several matters. There have been changes which brought negative effects to students. Jessica Haworth will tell us about one concern regarding children who no longer learn nursery rhymes which somehow made them unprepared for school.

Children are ill-prepared for school as they are no longer learning nursery rhymes

Schools watchdog Ofsted’s chief inspector says children are not memorising songs such as Jack And Jill or Mary Had A Little Lamb any more.

They are instead choosing to play iPad games based on cartoon characters.

Those who have memorised nursery rhymes by four years old are better at adapting to school, she claims.

Amanda Spielman is set to tell a childcare conference on Wednesday: “It’s a great shame. Read more here.

Experts have claimed that children who learn nursery rhymes before entering school could somehow be better or be more prepared in school. It is sad to think that children now are more in gadgets and technology which made them forget about learning the things that could be helpful in school.

Another concern that was brought up was the grouping of children in school according to abilities. Richard Adams will tell more about this through his article below.

Children as young as two grouped by ability in English nurseries

Half of nursery teachers surveyed said they separated under-fives for reading, raising fears over impact on children’s confidence

Children as young as two, three and four are being divided into groups based on ability and behaviour in classrooms in England, research has found.

About half of the 118 nursery school teachers questioned by researchers grouped their two- to four-year-olds for teaching reading, and a third for maths, with the use of grouping increasing later in primary schools.

“Teachers have concerns about the negative impact of grouping on children’s confidence, self-esteem and aspirations, potentially leading to mental health problems,” concluded the research team based at University College London’s Institute of Education, who were commissioned by the National Education Union (NEU). Read more here.

Researchers have concluded that many teachers group their students according to abilities which the experts have proven to have negative effects. The children’s confidence, self-esteem and aspirations might be affected. It is the teacher’s responsibility to be careful of everything done in the classrooms. They have to be careful of hurting a child’s emotions. As parents, it is also their responsibility to prepare their child before letting them enter preparatory school. Learning starts at home that is why it is important for parents to be mindful of their child’s learning.